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In this week’s blog I want to get you guys in connection with a starting online community of a friend of mine for people with a disability. It is called: Powerdime. I want to introduce them to you, because they think that empowerment is the way for the future. And I believe empowerment is not only for the future of disabled people, but also for people in a work environment right now.

A little bit about Powerdime

12047010_1089389831072516_1642886475076236341_nThe founder of Powerdime is called Florian. He has a visual disability, but that doesn’t stop him from doing the things that he wants to do. He has learned a lot from others that he refers to as ‘street smarts’. He wants other disabled people to learn from each other, because specialized training is very expensive. And to give them the confidence that they can do things themselves. He believes that personal experience is the best teacher. He believes in empowering people and the possibilities it creates.

“Empower to live life to the fullest” – Florian

Think in possibilities

Personally, I think this is a great idea. I know that this is just a start-up project but I can see a lot of potential for now and the future. In the modern world we are mostly assigned to the fact that we have to figure things out on our own. With the use of the internet and social media you can figure out a lot.

But for people with a disability, this can prove to be a problem, because they (mostly) need aid from someone else to do what they want to. If you provide some easy- to-access tips and tricks for these people to be more autonomous than they will be able to do more things themselves. And the fact that they are connected through a social media means that they can ask for help whenever they want and wherever they are.  I believe that if they could find a resource in the shape of a company that provides aid for disabled people, they could help even more people. Therefore, I think that only personal experience is not always enough to get you to do what you like.

Empower Definition Magnifier Showing Authority Or Power Given To Do Something

Business life

When I relate this to the current work environment I see a lot of opportunities for companies. As Bill Gates has stated that it is important for the future to empower others.

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” – Bill Gates

But empowering someone is difficult. I read a lot of other blogs and articles but the main point of most blogs and articles was: Sharing and a safe work environment. Share information with your employees, say to your workers: It’s ok to make mistakes and help them develop themselves.

Within Powerdime there is a lot of sharing of information involved and it is a safe environment to ask for help. It also creates confidence, because it shows you that other people with a disability can do it too. That’s why I think this online community has the potential to be a success.

I’m really curious what you think of Powerdime, of this blog and how you think that I can improve my blog. Or maybe you have a suggestion for my next blog. Please let me know in the comment section down below.

Powerdime facebook:




2 thoughts on “Marvel us Powerdime

  1. Wow looks very professional! I love the quotes and the visuals. I can tell that you got inspired by Florian and your friend. I can see the passion in your story-telling. How do you think people can get more empowered? Maybe you can share your opinion more, I would love to hear it more.

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  2. Dear Marieke. Obviously I am here to assess your English and all I can say is that I am impressed (not surprised, because I already knew you have got high potential concerning the English language). Your blog offers a good and personal introduction, you make use of good sub-headings and coherence, nice visuals, and I am sure you are the person to empower more people. Well done and I would love to read more. Could you please send me an email when you have posted a new blog? Furthermore, I would like to see, challanging you here, some more support, as in official sources, references you could use to support your opinions. A task well done…. Cheers!

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