A day with technology in the life of…

This week’s blog was inspired by one of my classmates Monique. She suggested to me to collaborate with a former coachee of mine, to which I responded: “What a great idea!” I immediately contacted him to see what a day in his life looks like considering the role technology plays. When I told him about it he was very enthusiastic and really wanted to help me with my story.

Come meet Roland

The name of my former coachee is Roland. My mother connected me with Roland, because at the time I was looking for a coachee for school assignment and Roland was very interested in how such a coaching process occurs. He also has a disability, but that doesn’t stop him from doing the things that he loves. He is a man of the modern era. He is someone who really wants to push himself to the limit and has great passion for what he does.

A day with technology in the life of Roland

Most of us tend to think that technology makes lives easier. In most ways it actually does! But for some that is not always the case.

For Roland it is more the idea that he can’t avoid using technology in his daily life. He does mention that technology has its advantages, but it also makes his life harder, because he is becoming too dependent on technology. He has to adapt rapidly to new technology, which is a bit tough for him. Sometimes he doesn’t even want to try and figure it out and then he thinks:

“I guess, I’ll hear or see something about it some other time.”

He does use  things like a computer and a smartphone. He is also on Facebook. But he mentions that recently at his work, where he keeps the record on the client files,  they introduced new software to do the order of the client files. But Roland has no idea how to work with it, because everything is going so quick!

What is there to improve?

I asked Roland what should be developed to make the use of technology easier. He told me that he would like to have easier to read manuals in a language that is easier to understand. For example a manual that uses more step-by-step-methods, because it is easier to understand small changes with pictures than abstract words on paper.

He would also like to have a course for beginners in the use of new technologies or programs for the computer. For non-disabled people it is frustrating to use new technologies sometimes, but for people with a disability it can be even harder.

Let’s wrap it up..

What I’ve learned from Roland is that in this rapidly changing world it is important that for people with a disability there is special attention asked and needed to keep them involved in society. Don’t just think that everyone knows how to use something, simply because you can.

And to all you technology creators out there: Keep the people who need an extra hand in mind while making and developing new technologies! Create something like an easy step-by-step- manual or provide these extra courses for them. This also counts for employers. Make sure that everyone is able to use (new) technology to a certain extent, so we can all work together and no one is left out!


One thought on “A day with technology in the life of…

  1. Dear Marieke, Another great blog, showing your passion, showing your care, showing your very good command of English. I had to think of the Ikea manuals, they are universal and easy to interpret because it is pictures only. And you are so right, we do take a lot of things for granted or as you put it: ‘Don’t just think that everyone knows how to use something, simply because you can.’ Ever so true. Liked the sub-headings. I had to look up the definition of coachee, because I thought you meant coach here (you being the coachee), but Roland was your coachee: a person who receives training from a coach, esp in business or office practice. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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