Survival of the Fittest


In this weeks’ blog I would like to focus on the chances people with a disability get thanks to technological developments. Does technology really make things easier and not harder? In my previous blog I discussed various options for improvement that will provide more chances that technology provides for people with a disability. Things like:

  • A online community
  • E-learning
  • Easy to understand manuals
  • Inventive technology

I personally know that all this technology creates a lot of possibilities. I’ve talked to Jolien about this and she mentions the following:

“On one hand it gives them opportunities, so new technology means new chances. But it is also an obstacle for them, because everything changes so fast and it is hard for them to adapt to that. “

When she mentioned that, it made me change my vision. I agree that it gives opportunities and that is something I strongly believe in. But I also have to agree with Jolien that it will also gives a lot of obstacles. Also, it made me think back to what Roland told me. That everything changes so fast that it is hard for him to adapt to everything. So it is hard for the working environment to adapt to this fast changing world in which technology plays a big part.

This is (R)Evolutionary!

All of this made me think of the evolution-theory of Darwin. The survival of the fittest. If you don’t adapt quick enough to the new environment you will likely be doomed. I feel like this is more adequate now then it has ever been. Since everything is about changing and adapting. I agree with Jolien that this will be a tough challenge for people with a disability, because(most likely)  they will have problems to adapt to all these changes. First of all, new technology has to be invented for them to be able to join the group. Secondly, they might not be in the position of being able to change.


This makes me fear for the career future of people with a disability. They are already limited to their choices they are able to make in their career. If they won’t be able to adapt to the changing standers of the working environment, they will definitely be excluded from the working environment. But I think that will just be the start of something irreversible. As soon as we start doing that, people with a disability will become more lonesome, because they will lose the connection with other people and get into a social isolation. Which in turn leads to depression and that can lead to more problems for society.

We (will) beat nature itself!

I also discussed this with my boyfriend Eimert and he mentioned that there’s no longer the survival of the fittest. We currently make the world that the non- fittest survive. So we are actually going against nature in a way. I do have to admit that he has a point there. Even though we both think it is not such a bad thing, it is still something to think about. Right now we are changing the world in a way that everyone will get a fair shot at what they want to achieve in life. I personally think that is something wonderful. Of course there will always be people whose disability is so severe that they are bound to their wheelchair, which is really sad. But that’s something for another blog.



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