Reality check

Dear readers, this will be my last blog that I will be writing for my school assignment. This has been a journey that has been mentioned to be “on the surface” by some of my teachers. Even though I might not fully agree with them.  I think that a research should contain different aspects of the problem; therefore I wanted to discuss as much aspects as possible with you guys. Will they be on the surface? Of course! Because if I, as a writer first and future psychologist second, want to discussed a lot of different sides for the problem in not to many words it will stay on the surface. But to please maybe some of my readers and my teachers that want to go into the depth. This is for you guys. So let’s dive in!


Florian, the guy I wrote about in my first blog and a friend of mine, is blind. He is still a student (so I guess that counts as a fulltime job? I guess that is what my teachers always told me). He is studying something with IT. Does his blindness disable him from doing that? No not at all. Because his laptop tells him what he is writing (which sounds like an alien-language if you are sitting next to him).But his visual handicap can also give a lot of trouble. Because this societies education isn’t fully equipped to serve people with special needs.

In his first year, Florian had to do a DESIGN assignment otherwise he couldn’t pass his first year. He went to the exam comity and they said (not exactly): Well that sucks good luck with the assignment. When I heard his story I was like: What are they thinking. Asking someone who is BLIND to create something that LOOKS nice. That is like asking someone who is DEAF to compose nice MUSIC.

Where to go now?

I asked a fellow vlogger Alexandra on her opinion on the blog so far and for suggestions. And she mentioned the following:

“I cannot believe they did that to him. They should be sued! Also where are you going to take this? Are you going to talk about how technology makes his life easier or about how he might fool the system and is able to deliver the assignment?”

Those were some great ideas from Alexandra. I decided to take look at her second suggestion. So what if we could make him see again. Is that even possible? After a little googling action I came across a book that mentioned turning a graphical interface into a non-visual interface. In other words, a picture put into words. When this book was written, this technology was still just being developed. If this kind of technology was known at his school, then he wouldn’t have had this problem at his school. This was not what he did to pass his test, what he did do I will leave a secret, but this technology would be very beneficial for him for his assignment but also for his future career if he wants to do something with design.

To understand the matter of school not being able to support people with special needs, I investigated some more and I found an article on the internet that might help explaining the situation. It states that the current school system aka school working environment doesn’t have the know-how to work with students with special needs like Florian. Added to that they have to consider the costs of the new technology. Also this article states that new computer technology has the potential to equalize for those students, because their disabilities don’t have to be a barrier anymore. So they advise the current working environment to invest into training and courses for teachers to provide the adequate skills that they should require in the 21st century. And I do share that opinion.


A suggestion for the future

What I think is even cooler and steers onto a more social society is this be My Eyes-app. It connects people who are blind to people who can see. So that the people who can see, can actually see for someone who cannot. Even though this might not make blind people more independent or that it is connected to work. I think this should be shared with the world.

I do hope that you enjoyed this dive with me. Leave a comment if you feel like you want to read more from me and let me know your thoughts about this.



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