Hello dear reader,

Thank you for stopping by on my blog. My name is Marieke by the way. I’m an Applied Psychology student and I’m currently following a Minor called: Future Your Work. Within this minor we have to blog about a subject that we feel passionate about and relate that to the future.

As an Applied Psychologist-to-be, I find it very fascinating how people communicate. And to put this into the perspective of my current minor, I chose to work with communicating online or through other online media. And not just the way the regular person communicates in the viral world, but a person who is disabled.

For me a disabled person is not only a person that is, for instance blind or deaf. It also includes people who do not know how to access or how to use to the modern-day technology. What makes that person not fully able to cope and cooperate in the world right now, and that might also cause trouble for them in the future.

In my blog I’m going to discuss ways people with a disability use the modern-day technology to their full extend to really cooperate in the modern world and also benefit from it. Something that could be of use for a future generation or an inspiration.



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